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Healthcare Innovation
By: Jeff Heenan-Jalil
healthcare is actually poised to become one of the most innovative fields because of its considerable capacity for growth and change, and young job seekers looking to make an impact in a transforming field need look no further.
North Dakota Oil Industry Possible Haven Amid Economic Cuts
Oil-rich North Dakota is well positioned to weather automatic federal spending cuts if it is forced to do so, the state's top budget official said Thursday. Republicans and Democrats in Congress and President Barack Obama are at odds over how to reduce the nation's debt by Friday, when $85 billion in across-the-board, automatic federal cuts would kick in. North Dakota may lose about $20 million in federal funding in fiscal 2013 if an agreement is not reached, said Pam Sharp, the state budget director. As the debate intensifies in Washington, most states are bracing for the potential shortfall and scrambling ...
Following Unique Ideas Can Make You A Success In The Energy Industry
Sam Etherington, founder of Renewable Wave Power, Lancaster, UK, is willing to take a chance. Admittedly, he can be headstrong when someone tells him he can’t do something. He kiteboards. The latter is actually part of the reason he’s the youngest person ever shortlisted for the UK Engineering Hall of Fame. At the age of 24. Surfing on a kiteboard, he realized the power of waves and developed a way to harvest energy through his wave power generator. READ MORE AT ASME
The Skills Gap in Oil and Energy Jobs
The world of exploration and production has changed dramatically over the past ten years. There are few places where this is more evident than the U.S., where supply is predicted to continue expanding and eventually reach up to 2.2 million b/d from shale oil alone thanks to advances in drilling technologies which are unlocking additional resources. Yet with the International Energy Agency predicting that the demand for energy will grow by 40 percent by 2030 it has become more important than ever for the oil and gas industry to look to new frontiers in an attempt to increase production. However, ...
A New Wave In Fracturing
Although much of the hydraulic fracturing debate focuses on unseen effects below ground, the surface impacts of drilling and ongoing activity are in plain sight. Operators make their own roads to carry heavy equipment to and from the well site. They run pipelines, install water-pumping systems, build power grids, and dig storage ponds for wastewater. Each of these activities is a potential point of community conflict, and also adds to the well’s operating costs. Everyone stands to gain from emerging technologies that increase production efficiency and reduce surface impacts. Accordingly, the U.S. Secretary of Energy Advisory Board’s natural gas subcommittee ...
Projected Natural Gas Boom Could Have Big Jobs Impact
Experts say West Virginia's natural gas economy could see nearly six-fold growth by 2035 and revive the state's struggling manufacturing and chemical sectors. While the state's natural gas industry has grown in recent years, driven by development in the Marcellus shale region, American Petroleum Institute executive vice president Marty Durbin says the industry has only just begun scratching the surface. "West Virginia is poised to see a real increase in development in natural gas in the coming years here," Durbin said. Durbin says recent development of the Marcellus, Utica and Bakken shale regions have changed the national outlook for the ...
The Energy Industry And Public Perception
Massive and on-going advances in our lives (↑ life expectancy, ↓ hunger, ↑innovation, ↑work efficiency, etc.) can be directly correlated to the widespread commercial use of fossil fuels as they began to power the Industrial Revolution in the early 1800s. Few informed individuals would deny that the energy provided by fossil fuels is still necessary to maintain and continue improving our standard of living in developed countries, as well as providing the energy necessary to bring those same improvements to developing countries. The fossil fuel extraction industry continues to reliably produce their life-enhancing product, and yet it is among the ...
Projections For The North Dakota Oil Boom
Two days after a rosy government report doubled the estimate of how much oil is tucked beneath North Dakota, four men hop out of their vehicles into the soft dusk light atop a rock-strewn hill north of town. They point at the barren, rolling landscape dotted with cattle, an oil well and a pond as a half-mile-long train of oil tank cars silently snakes past in the distance. One is a former hedge fund manager who flew in from Connecticut. Another is a real estate investor who drove his pickup from Spokane, Wash. There’s a local civil engineer and a ...
What Lower Oil Prices Really Mean
One of the subtlest, most effective moves in sports is the head-fake. It's a thing of beauty when done well. In the energy commodity business, it can be disastrous to anyone who falls for it. Right now, everyone is focused on low crude oil prices, and the subsequent layoffs and rig shutdowns that follow. I say it's a head-fake, because too many companies are buying into the narrative and scurrying for cover, while the smart money slips past them to victory. In the past, a downward move of 50% would have spelled disaster for the oil and gas industry. This ...
Jobs in Oil Not Exactly Striking Gold
The world runs on oil and gas – that’s a given. The onshore and offshore industry has weathered the recession, and advancements in drilling technologies will attract more job hunters to the industry over the next decade. If you’re one of them, be prepared to compete for energy jobs at nearly every level. While no one exactly relishes the process of the job application and interview, you can take steps to help enhance your chances for success. Here are seven tips – plus one reminder – that can make a difference in your job hunt Crafting your resume Play fair. ...